Reclaim. Revitalize. Redemptive Energy in Action.

A coalition of energy producers, waste management experts, and agriculture leaders, dedicated to expanding the positive potential of transforming fossil energy waste streams to revitalize our agricultural and grazing lands.

A Growing Coalition of Thought Leaders 

The Transformative Energy Coalition champions energy waste management processes for oil and gas beyond its initial beneficial reuse (e.g., reclaimed oil), to sustainable waste management processes and best practices. Our goal is to return carbon to its original source as organic matter, eliminating the “waste” by harnessing it for redemptive agricultural practices.

Together, our members have pooled their expertise, data, and resources to elevate industry standards and champion pragmatic policies that will safeguard our nation’s energy independence.


TEC is at the forefront of a crucial mission: to spearhead the shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable oil and gas industry. What sets us apart is our unique approach, as we’re the pioneering coalition that brings together oil and gas producers, waste management experts, and agricultural leaders. Our aim is crystal clear – to revolutionize outdated energy waste practices into new opportunities for reusable energy and products.

Join us in this transformative journey towards a greener, more responsible energy future.


TEC is dedicated to fortifying the oil and gas industry, enhancing sustainability, and reducing environmental impact. While the U.S. is a clean energy leader, we believe there’s more we can achieve through oilfield remediation and carbon reduction. It’s time for American energy producers to set new standards.


TEC represents top global energy producers and waste management firms, united by a shared commitment to a brighter future for the industry and our planet.


TEC actively supports removing regulatory hurdles for oilfield remediation, the expansion of incentives for the beneficial use of transformed oily waste and byproducts, partnering with the federal and state governments to research technological advancements, and fostering incentives over mandates. We work to expand oilfield remediation tax credits. Join our transformative movement to shape a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Your support will drive industry empowerment and foster a greener future. Together, we can conquer
challenges and unlock opportunities for America’s energy industry. Join us in making history.


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